Your author about page is a reflection of you – we know that. But one thing authors almost always get wrong when making their about page, is that it’s also a reflection of your work.

It’s easy to get bogged down in everything you could possibly say about yourself. So, I’m here to give you some clear ideas on how you can make your about page not only functional, but fun to read too.

Who are you writing your author about page for?

Before we get into the actual written words on your page, we need to outline who your about page is for.

There are four different types of people who will be on your site. Your existing loyal readers, new readers, potential readers, and any media contacts (including reviewers, publishers, news outlets etc). Your about page will need to cater for all of these, so bear this in mind when writing each section.

Introduce yourself

Everything on your author about page needs to relate to your author life, not all of your life. Use this information as the key to writing the page.

An author’s bio can look more like a CV than an entertaining piece of writing. So, get creative with it. What did you learn in your degree that helped you write your book? Similarly, did you travel lots to influence a certain location in your book? All of these things give your readers extra bits of juicy information at the same time as allowing them to get to know you better.

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List your works

You may have already listed your books on your homepage, but this section allows you to list all works you think your readers might find interesting. Written an article that relates to your genre? Or a short story that relates to one of your books? Add them here.

Don’t forget to add links. You want people to go buy your work after all.

Attach a media kit

To make it simple for reviewers, potential publishers and the media, create a simple media kit that can be downloaded from your site. This should contain your bio, photographs, works with excerpts, FAQ and contact information.

This can be easily created in Word but if you need a hand, I have a simple downloadable template you can get here:

Include an FAQ

This is where you can have some fun. Think about your favourite author, if you were sitting down in a cafe with them, what questions would you ask? Write them down and see if they might apply to you.

Can’t think of anything? Ask your Twitter followers to ask you a bunch of questions, don’t restrict them and let the answers flow.

Similarly, if there are any questions you get asked a lot, stick them in there too.

Link to social media

Once people have read this far on your page, the aim is for them to be so smitten with you they want to find out even more.

Add a social media feed or simple links to your social media. Don’t have any social media accounts yet? Check out my article for some great tips on making the most out of them.

Wrap up your author about page

The last thing you want is for your about page visitor to leave your website after reading your about page. Use this opportunity to do a plug for your latest book. Add a descriptive hook and a button and encourage people to read your work.

P.S. This should go without saying. Your author about page is about you. There should be plenty of photographs of you breaking up the content and making it interesting. Show photographs of you writing, you exploring those inspirational locations and you at your book launch.