Email newsletters are fast becoming one of the most important and most used forms of content marketing. It also happens to be one of my favourites.

I use smart email newsletter management to create emails that are designed to engage and convert the people on your list.

My Approach

I start by determining what you want your email subscribers to do. We all know it’s important to have an email list, but converting them to take action is the next step.

Once we have that in mind, I work with you to come up with a strategy to ‘warm up’ your list. This simply means we will be building your brand authority through your emails. The end result should be a list of potential customers who know, like and trust you enough to convert.

You may already have a strategy for this in mind, but if you don’t, we can work together to create an email marketing strategy to suit your business.

Next comes the email newsletter writing. I start by determining the goal of the newsletter and then create engaging writing which is relatable, enjoyable to read and most importantly - gets results.

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My favourite part of this process is constructing the subject line. I enjoy creating email subject lines that encourage email opens, using direct language that provides both a sense of intrigue while remaining true to your business.

The emails I create, focus on putting the writing centre stage. However, I can also create custom templates, graphics and more to include in your emails. I aim to make my emails easy to read and straightforward for the recipient.

My email management checklist:

> Create with your audience in mind
> Stay true to your brand and brand ‘voice’
> Have one call to action or goal in mind per email
> Create engaging, simple and straightforward content
> Create irresistibly clickable subject lines

If you'd like to see some specific examples of emails, then please get in touch. A lot of my clients want their emails to be kept to people on the list only.

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"Working with Gina is really a delight. She got work done in a timely manner and she did everything she can to oblige. Gina made the whole process simple and pain-free. Thank you Gina!"

Dr Adesola Akinleye | Author of Narratives in Black British Dance