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How to Create Exciting Emails Your Readers Actually Want to Open

The email newsletter, an author’s worst enemy – but it doesn’t have to be! Creating exciting emails that your book fans actually want to read can be pretty simple.

Here are some things probably going through your head right now:

  • I have no idea what my subscribers will find interesting
  • I don’t want to spam them with too many emails
  • I don’t want to be just another email in their inbox – what if they never open it
  • I hate getting emails myself, so why will my readers be any different

Get rid of all those nasty thoughts right now, I mean it.

Now is the time to stop thinking of yourself as just any old writer. You’re the author, or soon to be the author of a fantastic book. You’ve created something that your readers are going to love, and better yet – they will chuck their email addresses at you because they love you too.

Think about it, no matter if you have two email subscribers on your list, or 10,000. Those people gave you their email addresses, they want to hear from you. So, with that in mind, I’m going to give you a few tips to creating exciting emails for your loyal fans to open every time.

Know your readers

You’ve done the research, you know who your book is aimed at – now’s the time to apply that research to your emails too.

Who are your readers, and what tone of voice should you be using while talking to them? Are you talking to young adults, or the parents of young children, adults who like a bit of romance in their lives, or fantasy/sci-fi lovers?

Give them what they want

Now you’ve established exactly who your readers are, now it’s time to give them what they want.

When a reader subscribes to your email list, they want something extra. This is about them and not you, so fewer photographs of your writing locations, and more sneak peaks, secret information and character info.

Stuck for ideas? Ask your followers directly what they would like to see. Create a poll on Twitter or Facebook and give them a few options. By asking and engaging with your community, you will soon learn what they love and what they’re not bothered with.

Make it exclusive

Convincing readers to join your email list can be as simple as making it absolutely exclusive.

Readers can only get certain information from you if they hand over their email. Any exciting emails filled with character sketches, free chapters, or secret book tour dates are only shared in your newsletter.

Make this well known on your website and in the emails themselves. What you’re offering isn’t just regular updates from, but an extension of your stories. If your fans loved your book, they won’t want it end – so keep it going in your emails.

Top tip: Pick a day every week or two weeks to send out your email. Stick to that day and let everybody know. Readers will come to expect your email in their inbox and will start to look forward to them every week. This has many benefits, but perhaps the most important is that next time you release a book, you will have an exceptional email following ready to buy it.