My Web Design Process

Let’s create together

Designing and building a website should be creative, enjoyable and highly productive. To achieve this I believe there needs to be a collaborative process between the web designer and the client. This requires open communication, active feedback and regular reviews.


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page so we can start talking about what you want from your new website.


After our initial conversation, it’s over to you. I’ll send you a few pieces of homework to complete so that I can create the best website possible for you. This will include a questionnaire and a Pinterest board (if you don’t have Pinterest, you can just send me images).


Once I have all your info, I’ll create a moodboard and colour pallet for your website. This’ll be the basis for the website design and we’ll keep tweaking this until you’re happy.


Once you’re happy with the moodboard, I’ll start putting together designs for the homepage. Once done, I’ll send it over and again, we’ll tweak until you’re happy.


After you’re happy with the homepage, I’ll design the rest of the site pages and confirm those with you. Then it’s time for me to build the website.


Here we are! I’ve finished testing and coding the website, and you’re happy with the outcome. It’s time to launch and tell the world. Yahoo!

Let’s work together

If my process fits with how you’d like to work then contact me to discuss your requirements.