1-On-1 Content Marketing Training

If you already have a team member in place who is responsible for writing your blog posts, then this training is for you.

Instead of outsourcing your content marketing to me, I’ll train your existing in-house content creator to create content as I do.

Note: This is specifically for employees of WordPress and WooCommerce plugin companies, not freelancers or contractors.

This training will include (for one or more members of your team):

  • How to find relevant, worthwhile and rankable (for your business) keywords. This requires you to purchase the tools I use.
  • Training on how to use these toold for keyword research, with multiple methods you can use to find the best keywords possible.
  • How to put together a rankable article which converts readers into plugin customers/trial users. This includes:
    • A repeatable article structure that you can use as a foundation for all your articles.
    • A walk through this structure and why it works.
    • What to include to help you beat the competition to the top of Google.
    • SEO training (this will adjust depending on your team member’s existing level of knowledge).
  • A review of one blog post once you’ve written it using this method – with suggested improvements if needed.
  • Bonus: A simple spreadsheet you can use to plan a months worth of content so you can share it with your team for approval.
  • Bonus: An easy method to track how your posts are doing in a spreadsheet, so you can share it with your team.

Training structure:

  • Before we start:
    • Before we get going, we’ll have a Zoom call to discuss the training. This can be with your team member and a manager if need be. In this call, we’ll talk about your business and I’ll talk you through each step just so we’re all happy.
  • Week 1 – Keyword training:
    • In the first week, we’ll have a 1-on-1 Zoom call where I’ll walk you through my technique/s for finding the best keywords for your business. In this call, we’ll aim to find around 2-4 keywords you can get using right away.
    • I’ll also provide you with the content spreadsheet I use in this call.
  • Week 2 – Article training:
    • In the second week we’ll discuss article structure. I’ll provide you with a template you can use as a foundation and I’ll walk you through each section of the article structure.
    • We’ll also discuss SEO in this call. This will change depending on the level of knowledge your team member has.
    • Lastly, we’ll pick one of the keywords from the previous week, come up with a post title and your team member will be tasked with putting together a post.
  • Week 3 – Article review:
    • Before this call, your team member will have sent me their article to review. In this call, we’ll go through it and I’ll suggest improvements if needed.
    • I’ll answer any questions you have about the article writing process in this call.
    • In this call, I’ll also provide your team member with the tracking spreadsheet I use and a method for filling it out so they can share it with you once the post is published.

Additional: Throughout this 3-week process, your team member will be able to contact me via email with any questions they might have.

Pricing: Get in touch for prices using the contact form below.