I'm Gina Lucia

I help WordPress and WooCommerce plugin companies achieve more sales by providing high-converting SEO content.

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Hi, I’m Gina and I get results for WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Companies.

I create unrivalled, ‘get to the top of Google’ blog posts to convert your website visitors into thankful and enthusiastic paying customers.

Let me take content marketing off your to-do list


My Services

Content Marketing Audit & Strategy

Unsure if your current blog posts are up to scratch? This audit will reveal how effective they are, improvements you can make and what you should do next.

Monthly content marketing

I create unrivalled, ‘get to the top of Google’ blog posts to convert your website visitors into thankful, enthusiastic paying customers.

Content Marketing Training

If you already have a team member in place who is responsible for writing your blog posts, then this training is for you.

Who I've worked with

What my clients say

James Kemp

“I needed someone to take over the marketing for Iconic so I could focus on running the business rather than producing content. I have my time back now and can ensure the business is running smoothly. Gina provides well-written content and detailed reports of our marketing efforts. Working with Gina is great. She always delivers high-quality work and keeps you in the loop throughout the process. It’s always on time. If you need to overhaul your marketing, hire Gina! Her service is outstanding and she’s also multi-talented. Don’t hesitate.”

– James Kemp, Iconic WP

Robert Abela

“I was finding it difficult to find authors who can write good articles and have a basic understanding of security, activity logs and the subjects we deal with. Most authors we tried in the past never even bothered trying the plugin, and only focused on traditional content. Gina, however, has a good understanding of our plugins, really good writing skills(way better than most people I worked with), and always delivers work on time. We can now publish regular quality content and be consistent which is a blessing.”

– Robert Abela, WP White Security

Katie Keith Barn2

“I needed someone who would just ‘get it’ and write an article in a similar way that I would have done so myself. I also needed someone who could add extra value to articles by doing SEO research, suggesting new content ideas, and putting their own stamp on articles instead of just following the brief blindly. 

I love the fact that I can send an article outline to Gina and know that she will produce a piece of quality content that will require almost no input from me before it can be published. As a company owner, this saves me a lot of time compared to a lot of copywriters where I end up rewriting much of the article to get it to a standard that I’m happy with. With Gina’s work, I can quickly skim the article and know that it will be right without having to spend hours checking every detail. 

Gina is highly professional to work with at all times. She provides clear information about her availability and pricing, keeps me up to date with progress, and always meets her deadlines. 

I would recommend Gina as a professional and reliable copywriter who always works to a high standard. If you need a WordPress copywriter, then Gina is the person to contact!”

– Katie Keith, Director at Barn2.com

Patrick Posner

“As a Solopreneur, delivering the best quality in all areas of my business is impossible. I struggled with consistently publishing new articles on my blog and keeping everything up to date. That resulted in outdated tutorials, incomplete and hard-to-read documentation, and due to that, an increased support volume. 

I finally found someone who can handle my entire content strategy – from brainstorming new article ideas and publishing new posts regularly to updating older content, improving the documentation, and even optimizing the copy of my landing pages.

While I appreciate saving time on content-related tasks, the main benefit for me is the overall quality improvement of my business due to Gina’s work. Gina always delivers on time, and she is a great communicator. I always know what’s going on, what coming next, and what is expected from me (and when).

I highly recommend Gina to everyone who wants to get serious about content marketing for their project. Gina isn’t someone that only writes blog posts. She will ask about your audience, your product, or where you see your business in the future to shape a strategy that fits in perfectly.”

– Patrick Posner, patrickposner.dev

“I never had enough time to create content myself, I’m always busy with the technical stuff, creating new features/plugins. Now that I’m in good hands, I can focus on what I love to do, development! It’s been a pleasure working with Gina. She’s very professional and a great writer!  I’m stunned that she was able to cover all the basic technical stuff without any documentation available. I’m looking forward to a long business relationship. Looking for a professional content marketer? Look no further, she is the best at what she does, you won’t regret it!”

Georges Haddad, Xploded Themes

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