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Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is an overarching plan which tells you what ‘platforms’ you should utilise to market your business. This means getting the right blend between your website, email marketing, social media presence and content marketing.

Your business doesn’t have to be everywhere at once. The best digital marketing strategy is something that works smarter, not harder for your business and takes into account the intricacies of the work you do.

Digital Marketing Management

Managing your business’s online marketing likely takes a lot of time. Probably time that you’d rather spend working on your business.

I work with clients to become an extension of their business, a team member whose drive is to promote their business effectively and intentionally.

If you’d like to have the weight of digital marketing removed, click to see my management services below.

About me

About Gina Lucia

Hey, I'm Gina.

It’s hard to be intentional online. We’re constantly bombarded with articles telling us what we should be doing and how often, that it’s hard to see through the fog and get to the real stuff.

I believe that digital marketing can make a significant difference to your business, but only if it’s used right. My strategy is all about intention. I want to avoid burnout, spending money on pointless tools and time on platforms that don’t give you anything in return.

I’ve been working with businesses for 7 years, creating websites, email marketing strategy, social media and more. I love my work and balance it with a website I run called Limit Breaker. It’s here that I write posts on authentic business, life-balance, growth and more.

Life balance is important to me, so I spend my free time growing fruit and veg, drinking coffee, exploring and experiencing new cultures.