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Hey there!

I'm Gina Lucia

I'm a simple-living website designer and marketer with a love for stories and big dreams. An advocate of work-life balance, I love travel, food and inspiring others to do what they love.

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I've not always loved writing. In fact, while at University studying Creative Writing, I began to look the other way.

You see, at the time I hated the mandetory reading and book analysis. I wanted to read the books that made me feel alive, and write whatever made me happy.

That experience taught me one very important lesson. To do your best creative work, you need to feel free.

That's why after a few years of working with all types of business, I'm now back at it, working with authors and even writing my own book.

To do your best work, you need to feel free too. So my hope is to bring you resources, tools and my experiences in marketing and websites to give you more time doing what you love most - writing.