Monthly Content Marketing

I create unrivaled, ‘get to the top of Google’ blog posts to convert your website visitors into thankful, enthusiastic paying customers.

You might be struggling with one of the following:

  • You’ve written or invested in content but it’s just not ranking.
  • The content you currently have isn’t bringing in the right people.
  • You have traffic but aren’t making sales.
  • You want to invest in content marketing but have no idea where to start.

This is where I come in. I create in-depth, truly helpful, and targeted posts that rank high on Google for the right keywords and convert visitors into sales.

Sound interesting? I work to:

  • Find the right keywords to target that have buying intent
  • Create content that those visitors want to read and click on
  • Tailor the content to lead your new readers to either sign up or purchase

Here’s the breakdown:

I help clients on a monthly basis. This makes sure that I have the biggest impact for you and your business. Each month it includes:

  • An action plan at the start of the month including 3 keywords, post titles, why I’ve chosen them, and proposed publish dates for your approval
  • An additional section that targets 1 older post selected for an upgrade
  • 3 unrivaled ‘get to the top of Google’ blog posts (all of which are first created in Google Docs for approval/editing)
  • 1 older post-upgrade to get it in line with your new content (also edited in a Google Doc)
  • All images sourced and created, in your brand’s style
  • Scheduled and published for you
  • A report at the end of each month so you can see how your new content’s doing

Investment: £2,500 per month

Bonus: If you opt for 3 months or more of content marketing, I throw in a full content marketing audit

Why work with me?

  • Saves you time – I do everything from research into your business, your audience, topic, keywords, content, image sourcing/creation, and publishing.
  • Makes you more sales – my goal is to get you more sales, so the content I produce is specifically designed to convert visitors into customers 
  • Keeps you in better control of your marketing – you want to keep people on your site. Unlike social media, unrivaled content marketing will directly bring people to you, solve their problems and make you sales.
  • Targets your customer directly – instead of shooting in the dark, the posts I create are written to answer your specific target customer’s questions and solve their problems with your products/services.
  • Keeps giving back – truly great content is linked to more, shared, and commented on, keeping your article at the top of Google. Your investment doesn’t just last for 1 day, week or month, it lasts for years.

The proof:

Below are some case studies of my work and results:

Page 1 of Google With IconicWP

Position 3 for IconicWP

Want to work together?

Great! Send me a quick message and let’s chat about how I can help.