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4 Sites That Will Review Your WordPress Plugin and Expand Your Audience

When it comes to marketing your WordPress plugin, there’s no better tool for increasing sales than social proof. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around for years, or this is your first plugin launch, the things you say on your website can only get you so far.

Enter social proof. By utilising the audience of a go-to WordPress knowledge site, your plugin is not only increasing its trust-factor but getting a load of new eyes on it too.

The following are 4 WordPress specific sites that will review your plugin and host that review on their website. Most of these reviews are paid for, but the expanded reach you get in return is likely worth it (scroll to the bottom of this article for added benefits of external reviews).

Note: All of the facts and figures below were collected as of the time of writing, they may have changed depending on when you read this. If so, let me know in the comments below so I can update them.

4 sites that will externally review your WordPress plugin

WP Mayor review your wordpress plugin

Site name: WP Mayor

Domain authority: 47

Cost: $449

WP Mayor is one of the most transparent sites when it comes to disclosing their review prices and content. Like many of the sites listed in this article, WP Mayor doesn’t hold back on their opinions so your review will be fair and transparent because they put their readers first.

Don’t let this deter you, WP Mayor’s style of review not only keeps them honest but provides you with great feedback for improvement and some great SEO juice to boot.

Most external review sites will do surface-level research and trialling of your plugin, however, WP Mayor seem to go the extra mile and stay in touch with you while they review.

WPLift wordpress review

Site name: WPLift

Domain authority: 48

Cost: $399

WPLift has an extensive and active readership including a great social media following ( 17,600+ Twitter followers and 4,125+ Facebook fans) and large email list (17,000+ subscribers). So for the cost of a review with WPLift, you’re getting a lot more exposure for a good price. 

Not only this, WPLift have their SEO hats on. Each title for their reviews contains keywords and content that will help your review rank higher on Google and make them more clickable than a standard review. 

WPBeginner plugin review

Site name: WPBeginner

Domain authority: 71

Cost: Unknown

WPBeginner doesn’t specifically offer reviews on their website, nor do they specify what they offer at all. However, they do state ‘inquiries related to advertising’ on their contact page.

WPBeginner are known for not writing reviews, but instead doing tutorial style posts on solving problems with specific WordPress plugins. So when contacting them, it’s advisable to include what specific problem your plugin solves and how it can help their readership and take it from there.

This style of promotion does wonders for your plugin’s reputation, while not a review, it works as a direct endorsement by WPBeginner of your plugin’s ability to solve the problems you say it does.

IndexWP plugin review

Site name: IndexWP

Domain authority: 30

Cost: $150

IndexWP is a fast-growing WordPress specific news and resource site. It claims to get over 40,000 pageviews per month and has multiple different advertising options for you to choose from.

For a relatively low price, your plugin will be reviewed by someone at IndexWP and much like WP Mayor, will remain unbiased. They don’t go into a lot of details on their contact page, but if their current reviews are anything to go by, you get something pretty basic. 

Rather than an in-depth analysis of your plugin, IndexWP focus on listing plugin features and a general overview with minimal opinions added in. If you’re just looking for an SEO boost, then a review from IndexWP might be worthwhile.

Some things to note

When it comes to paying for external reviews, you may believe that you’ll get thousands of people visiting your site and some fantastic sales to offset the cost of the review. 

This is unlikely to happen. 

It’s important to lower expectations when it comes to plugin reviews. You may have a few people visiting your site but the numbers will be lower than you expect.

However, there are a few benefits that will serve you long-term:

  1. If the reviewer allows do-follow links, your site domain authority will get a boost (although watch for this because Google is starting to crack down on link building in this way).
  2. If the reviewer has implemented good SEO, the post will ideally rank high for certain keywords and you’ll be able to see long-term steady visits from that.
  3. Once published, all of these reviews can be used as featured testimonials on your site – further increasing your social proof. Simply take snippets from the review, credit when credit’s due and display them on the relevant shop pages of your site.

Are external reviews something you’ve invested in for your plugin? Let me know in the comments below what ROI you’ve had. Also, if you have any other sites to add to this list, post their links below.

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