Position 3 for WP White Security

This case study showcases my content marketing work for the WordPress security plugin company WP White Security. As of the time of writing, I’ve done over 12 pieces of unique and targeted content for WP White Security. 

This case study features a key post which has yielded impressive results.

Title: The Ultimate Guide to WordPress User Management

Keywords: wordpress user management (400 searches per month), wordpress user (400 searches per month) & wordpress user roles plugin (200 searches per month)

Reason for keyword choice:

WP White Security have a solid range of WordPress security plugins, many of which focus on user security, from strong password policies, to acivity logging.

Therefore, targetting the above keywords was an absolute must for WP White and a key opporunity to promote not just one, but a good number of their plugins.

Post structure:

Like many of the posts I produce, this one is extensive. It acts as a tutorial to guide the reader through the steps they need to take to solve their problem. I made sure to do intense research into the topic, including other posts that also ranked to make sure this piece of content surpassed theirs – making it easier to rank higher. 

Also included throughout are strategic calls to action and guiding text to help users reach the end goal – to purchase or do a free trial of the plugin.


As a result of the keyword research, content strategy and content itself. This post ranked high for all targeted keywords. In particular, it ranked 3rd (behind wordpress.com itself) for the keyword ‘wordpress user management’. It also ranked 9th for the keyword ‘wordpress user’.

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