Ghostwritten Guest Posts for WPBeginner

This case study showcases the guest posts I’ve ghost-written for Iconic WP for some large and respected WordPress blogs/websites.

The ghostwritten guest posts:

Both of these guest posts were written to promote the Iconic Plugin, WooCommerce Delivery Slots.


The first guest post was written for the well-known WordPress site, WP Beginner:

This post was ghostwritten for WP Beginner in their specific style (resulting in it being ‘authored’ by their editorial team).

The goal was to promote Iconic’s plugin and gain a valuable backlink to Iconic’s site. The result of this post was regular traffic to Iconic’s site from WPBeginner and the afformentioned valuable link.


The second guest post was written for WPMayor:

This post was ghostwritten for the Founder of Iconic, James (resulting in it being ‘authored’ by James).

The goal was again to promote Iconic’s delivery slot plugin and gain a valuable link. The result was a decent amount of traffic to Iconic and some sales trasactions for the plugin.

Regular guest posts

I write regular ghostwritten guest posts for Iconic every month, the two above are just a sample of what I’ve produced.