Email Marketing Audit & Strategy

What does the email marketing audit achieve?

This audit aims to identify the email marketing work you’re already doing, what can be improved, and then makes specific recommendations for what you can focus on in the next 6 months to meet your goals.

You get an Email Marketing Audit and Strategy PDF document, which contains pages of personalised, actionable, and effective email marketing advice.

What’s in the audit document?

  1. An email marketing audit
  2. Email marketing strategy

The audit covers the overall picture and what you’re currently doing:

  • How are you currently using email marketing on your site?
  • What’s your current situation for converting visitors into signups?
  • How then do those signups convert to customers?
  • What do you currently send to your list and how is this communicated?
  • Do you have a brand style or tone of voice used for your customers?
  • What’s currently working well and what could be improved on

And more.

I then move on to the marketing strategy section, which aims to identify the specific email marketing strategies you should focus on – and what to do with them – in the next 6 months, in order to reach your goals.

This includes:

  • A new/improved strategy for converting visitors into sign-ups
  • A strategy for ‘warming up’ these sign-ups and converting them into customers
  • Strategy and funnels to implement for both of these with example scenarios
  • Tips and strategy for making every email compelling
  • Strategy for making your email subject-lines clickable

Optional extra: A style guide or brand guidelines for the tone of voice for your email marketing (£500)

This sounds great, but what do I do with the document when it’s done? 

This Email Marketing Audit and Strategy can give your business the direction and focus it needs to thrive.

It’s standalone and includes actionable and practical next steps, and a checklist to make sure the work gets done! I recommend you spend some time going through the audit and then contact me with any further questions.

You’re welcome to carry out the implementation yourself or internally. Or, if you need a little help, I can jump on board and start implementing the strategy for you.

It’s totally up to you.

email marketing audit



The email marketing audit covers the following:

Deep analysis into how you currently use email marketing

Analysis into if that marketing is converting for you

Strategy for converting visitors into leads/customers/sign-ups

Strategy for warming up these potential customers

Funnels and automation strategy to implement for both of these with examples

Optional: Strategy for retaining existing customers/leads

Checklist of next steps for you to implement

Interested in having me audit your email marketing? Get in touch