I’m the Freelance Content Marketer for you

I create content that’s hard to beat. Hitting your target audience, reaching the top of Google and converting into sales and leads.

freelance content marketer

I started in web development.

I did a degree in Creative Writing, but when I left university, instead of jumping straight into writing, I shifted and headed straight for code.

Landing with my feet firmly planted in a Web Design agency called Rare Company, I designed and developed websites, all while dipping my toes into the world of online marketing.

It wasn’t long before I shifted again and turned my gaze to freelance life, merging my skills in writing, marketing and development to become a Content Marketer.

With WordPress agencies, plugin companies and online businesses looking for ways to expand their marketing efforts, I step in to become part of the team. 

Not content with simply ‘creating content’, I enjoy the whole process involved in creating articles that work hard for you. From understanding your company to getting inside the mind of the searcher I thrive in creating content that converts. 

My core values have you in mind

My values are of top priority when it comes to creating content for you. 

💎 Every audience is different

I understand your target audience is unique to you. So before I start researching keywords, I get to know you, your business and your style so my content fits right in and works hard for you.

🔍 The intent has to be right

It’s easy to find keywords, but it’s harder to find ones that have the right intent behind them. Any keyword I pick has to be rankable, have the right intent behind them and are right for your business goals.

👍 Let’s not overcomplicate things

My work style is organised but not overcomplicated. My job is to take content marketing off your hands, not to add more work to your to-do list. I use software and tools to allow you to make suggested changes simply and I can even schedule your content for you.

Let me take content marketing off your hands

I’m ready to take content marketing off your to-do list. Send me an email and let’s get chatting.