I’m the Freelance Content Marketer for you

I create content that’s hard to beat. Hitting your target audience, reaching the top of Google and converting into sales and leads.

freelance content marketer

I help WordPress agencies and plugin companies with content marketing – but where did it begin?

In short, it all started with web development.

I did a degree in Creative Writing, but when I left university, instead of jumping into writing, I shifted and headed straight for code.

I made this decision because I was told 90% of the people doing my degree would never make any money writing – ouch!

Landing with my feet firmly planted in a web design agency, I designed and developed websites, all while dipping my toes into the world of online marketing.

However, with the growing development of drag and drop website builders like Squarespace and Wix, I realised my life as a web designer and developer needed to change.

So, I shifted again and turned my gaze to freelance life, merging my skills in writing, marketing and development to become a Content Marketer. Finally, I was using that degree.

So here I am, I may be part of the 10% who make a living from writing. Or, I’m proof that my lecturer didn’t see the world of content marketing coming! 

With WordPress agencies, plugin companies and online businesses looking for ways to expand their marketing efforts, I step in to become part of the team. 

Not content with simply ‘creating content’, I enjoy the whole process involved in creating articles that work hard for you. From understanding your company to getting inside the mind of the searcher I thrive in creating content that converts. 

My core values have you in mind

My values are of top priority when it comes to creating content for you. 

? Every audience is different

I understand your target audience is unique to you. So before I start researching keywords, I get to know you, your business and your style so my content fits right in and works hard for you.

? The intent has to be right

It’s easy to find keywords, but it’s harder to find ones that have the right intent behind them. Any keyword I pick has to be rankable, have the right intent behind them and are right for your business goals.

? Let’s not overcomplicate things

My work style is organised but not overcomplicated. My job is to take content marketing off your hands, not to add more work to your to-do list. I use software and tools to allow you to make suggested changes simply and I can even schedule your content for you.

Let me take content marketing off your hands

I’m ready to take content marketing off your to-do list. Send me an email and let’s get chatting.