Did your first book not sell much because your audience was small? Or, do you think the world deserves another reminder of your past favourite?

There’s only one solution for it. Don’t let yourself be sucked into the ‘new new new’ mentality – relaunch an old book and watch your sales increase.

The book industry is tricky. No matter how many books you’ve written, publishers are always looking for the next big one to make a chunk of money. But you know there’s more to it than that. Your previous books are excellent and you might not have your next one ready for a while. This is the beauty of self-publishing. Your reliance on your publisher to make your marketing decisions is gone and you’re free to make them yourself.

How to relaunch an old book

With each relaunch, there are a few standard things you should do, and a few extras you can pick from. First, let’s start with the basics:

1. Re-design the cover

We all know that a good book cover can help increase sales tenfold and a relaunch generally indicates a fresh start. The aim here is to make your old release look brand new and exciting.

Get a new cover designed for the book that better reflects it. Don’t scrimp on this part, as I said, the cover of the book will affect sales. If you need help, Google search ‘book cover designer’ – there are plenty of freelancers that will design you a cover for a reasonable price.

2. Create a book launch page

relaunch an old book

By now you should have an author website and probably have a page for your books. However, a specific book launch page will give your relaunch the attention and excitement it deserves.

Show off your new cover, include some great reviews and give your readers plenty of places to buy the new book.

Get help here.

3. Prepare your marketing

For the next few months, all your social media attention should be focused on promoting your relaunch. Before the launch, show sneak peaks of the cover in progress, the web page work in progress, and your excitement for the launch. Once the book is ready to buy, promote it – offer free copies to reviewers, ask your friends to help, show off the new web page etc.

To really get to grips with promoting your book online, check out my article here.

The above featured your essentials, now let’s get to the extras:

1. Launch a digital version

One of the simplest ways to relaunch an old book is to make it into an ebook. Ebooks are a massively growing market and if your book was previously published as a physical copy, relaunching it as an ebook could reach a much larger audience.

2. Offer something new

You don’t just want to promote your book to new readers, your existing ones are your target too. Think about what would make them re-purchase your book. If they’ve signed up to your newsletter then they’re interested in your work. Here are a few extras you could do:

  • Show off the new cover – email your readers and give them early access to your new cover. Sometimes that’s all you need to make a reader want to re-purchase your book.
  • Reveal secrets/hidden gems – have a piece of information about one of the characters that you’ve been keeping to yourself? Share it with your readers before launch and jolt their memory of the book.

3. Do a physical relaunch

There’s something to be said about not always doing everything online. A physical relaunch event can give your book the boost it needs.

Book a venue, invite every industry person, reviewer, family and friend you know and give your book the relaunch it deserves. Treat this exactly like you would a new launch. Sign copies, take photographs and stick them on social media and make as much of a fuss as you possibly can.

It’s important to note that when you’re planning for your book relaunch – you’re already at a disadvantage. Reviewers, large retailers like Amazon and even publishers just don’t favour old releases like they do new ones. For this reason, it’s up to you to market your book online to the best of your ability.

So go get em, you’re in control of your releases – let’s make sure this one makes an impact.

Until next time,

Gina -x